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Today I have a book review for the re-working of Tim Walker’s book Abandoned (A Light in the Dark Ages Book 1).

About the Book


In the year 410 the last Roman Governor of Britannia, Lucius, sailed away from the port of Londinium, never to return. Bishop Guithelin’s desire for a smooth transition in authority to tribal chief Mandubracius leads only to disappointment. Guided by visions from God, Guithelin undertakes a hazardous journey to a neighbouring country to seek assistance from a noble and Christian ruler.
Abandoned is the starting point for an adventure that sets Briton nobles against each other and a foreign prince, whilst keeping one eye on raiders who spill onto the shores and over Hadrian’s Wall. Britannia’s abandonment by Rome presented opportunity for some and anguish and misery for others, as the island slowly adjusted to self-rule.
Through the chaos, heroes emerge, including half-Roman auxiliary commander, Marcus Pendragon, who organises the defence of his town from deadly raiders intent on plunder and murder. Guithelin does his best at diplomacy, never giving up hope for a stable and Godly leader to rule over the tribal chiefs and provide a protective shield for the fearful people of Britannia. But is the preening Prince Constantine the right man?
Marcus fights to protect his family from a range of opportunistic enemies, and by so doing establishes a legacy that will lead to his son, Uther, and grandson, Arthur, becoming kings of Britannia.
Abandoned is book one in a series – A LIGHT IN THE DARK AGES – and is followed by Ambrosius: Last of the Romans and Uther’s Destiny, the latter a winner of the One Stop Fiction Five Star Book Award.

My Review

I have read this book previously, but when it was a much shorter book.  Since then Tim has done a brilliant job of extending it into a full length novel, without making the story drag and feel like it was a short story.

This book is the starting point of a brilliant series, which follows three generations of the same family, from when the Romans left Britain in 410AD through three families as Britain makes itself it’s own and has to defend against other invaders.

The story is set mainly in a town called Calleva Atrebatum (current day Silchester) but does venture around various towns in the country.  To make it easier to visualise the places there is a handy location translator at the front of the book with Roman and modern town names, and also for the non-English, or people with bad Geography there is also a handy map with various towns shown on it.

The book starts of in Londinium where we see the Romans departing back to their own country, leaving Britain defenceless.  From there we meet the main cast of characters, and the story follows them through the Dark times they face.

As there is not much we do know about this period in our history I think Tim has done an excellent attempt at linking fiction with what little history we do know together as well as including characters which everyone knows about.

Overall it is a brilliant story, made all the better by lengthening it.

To purchase the book click here

About the Author


Tim Walker is an independent author based in the UK.

He has recently completed a three-book series, ‘A Light in the Dark Ages’, set in Fifth Century Britannia. Book one is ‘Abandoned’ (second edition 2018), book two is ‘Ambrosius: Last of the Romans’ (2017), and book three is ‘Uther’s Destiny’ (2018). Series book covers were designed by Canadian graphic artist, Cathy Walker.

Tim lives near Windsor – close to the River Thames – the inspiration for his first book of short stories, ‘Thames Valley Tales’ (2015). In September 2017 he published his second book of short stories – ‘Postcards from London’.

His dystopian thriller, ‘Devil Gate Dawn’, received pre-publication exposure on the Kindle Scout programme in March/April 2016, and has found a wide readership due to its unnerving predictions of a post-Brexit Britain beset by political turmoil under King Charles III’s rule and buckling under attacks from terrorist groups – and a portrayal of life in Trump America.

In early 2017 he published his first children’s book, co-authored with his daughter, Cathy – ‘The Adventures of Charly Holmes’. Another adventure story is in the pipeline…

Find out more about the author at – http://www.timwalkerwrites.co.uk

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