#Blogtour Remember Me by D.E White @DEWhiteAuthor @HarperCollinsUK

Following on from my q and a with Daisy last week I am very pleased to be on the blog tour for her book, Remember Me.

About the book

Fifteen years ago Ellen Smith vanished from the woods near her small Welsh village. Never to be seen again.

Eight people were in the woods that night: eight splintered lives, eight people hiding a terrible secret. But who can remember the truth?

Now, Ellen’s best friend, Detective Ava Cole is all grown up back in the village where it all began, and everyone is asking the same question.

What really happened to Ellen?

Filled with shocking discoveries and traumatic memories this fast paced thriller is perfect for fans of Friend Request and Close to Home

My Review

When I first heard about this book I begged the author to let me be on the blog tour as it sounded like such a great book. I was not disappointed.

The book starts off 15 years ago with a group of friends playing in some woods in the Welsh Valleys, before one of the girls vanishes and is never heard from again.

After this prologue we are transported to the current where Ava, one of the girls in the group and the friend of the missing girl, arrives back to the village after spending the years since that fateful night in America, mainly as a LA Cop.

She originally comes back for a different reason, but the past soon catches up with her as people are asking questions about what happened to Ellen back then.

As the book progresses we learn a lot about the past and snippets about what really happened that night, along with learning about all the main characters and their interactions and history.

The chapters alternate between Ava in the present, Ava in the past, and also a mysterious person who is involved in the past and present and is haunting, not only Ava, but the rest of the gang who were in the woods that night.

We are left guessing who this mysterious person is throughout the book until very near the end, with not much being given away about them in the short chapters they are narrating. Even with little to go on I had a hunch who they might be about half way through the book, but there were enough red herrings to make me doubt myself until the end.

All through the book you are drip-fed little bits of information about what actually happened 15 years ago and when the truth finally came out I was shocked by it and absolutely loved it, as I never saw it coming and assumed it was a straight forward thread in the book.

Throughout the book Daisy’s descriptions of the characters and landscape make for an excellent book and kept me hooked throughout.

After reading the book I also purchased the audio book on publication/release day to see how a narrator could change the meanings of the book, and because I love audio books as well.

The narrator did a brilliant job with reading all the Welsh bits, which I skipped when reading, and got the Welsh Valley accents spot on, although at times Ava’s accent went a bit strange, although this could be due to her Welsh/American upbringing.

Overall I thought the book was very well written and the audio book accompanied it perfectly.

To purchase the book and audio book click the links below

https://amzn.to/2SqY1sG – Amazon Link (only 99p)
https://adbl.co/2SvKJLB – Audible Link

About the Author

D E White has a plethora of fascinating angles to draw upon for interviews or features: – The setting is inspired by D E White’s father-in-law, who grew up in the Welsh valleys and had a love/hate relationship with the country. When he grew up, there were no opportunities, and he was desperate to escape, but his love for the country persisted his whole life. The book is full of his memories, and is dedicated to him too.

Aged 41, D E White made a career change and became a 999 call handler for the ambulance service. It was a tough job, encountering people at their very lowest. Even though she’s had success as an author, she is training as a Community First Responder to help in her local area.

She’s a committed runner – both mud-running and trail-running. She’s done some very extreme races, and finds it really helpful for escaping the mundanity and business of life and finding time to think.

About D E White

D E White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas on napkins at work on the night shift. After various jobs, including working as cabin crew, in a hospital, a supermarket, and as a 999 call handler for the ambulance service, she began writing full time in 2018. She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, and was part of a small business delegation speaking at Number 10, Downing Street in 2015. Having spent a lot of time travelling the world, she now lives with her husband and two sons on the south coast of the UK, with a growing assortment of animals and several stick insects.

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