JOFFE BOOKS: What the Bloggers & Readers think. Day 17: Black Books Blog. #TeamJoffeBooks

Thank you very much to Jill for giving me the opportunity to promote my blog on her wonderful page

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Good morning.  As we have heard from all the authors today I am starting something new and hearing what the Bloggers and Readers think.  To start this off I am very pleased to introduce Simon from BLACK BOOKS BLOG. Simon has joined nearly every Joffe Books Blog Tour since he started blogging.  

Black Books Blog.png

Hello Simon. Could you tell us a little about yourself and what made you start blogging?

My name’s Simon and my blog is called Black Book s Blog.

I live in a lovely village in Kent with my wife and 2 children (both girls so you can imagine what my home life is like being completely outnumbered).  During the day I work in payroll and finance, which entails paying 500 employees every other week and raising invoices.

To get away from my mundane job I turn to reading, which I have done since I was very young…

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