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Today I am doing something slightly different by reproducing my original blog reviews for Steve Moore’s Hiram Kane series, and also adding to it by also reviewing Steve’s other book the Condor Prophecy, along with added extra relating to the Audio books of all three books.  All three audio books have been narrated by Kenneth Bryant, who is now one of my favourite narrators.

All of the books were published by Condor Publishing on the following dates

The Samurai Code was published 15th March 2017
The Condor Prophecy was published 24th June 2017
The Tiger Temple was published 20th December 2017

If you would like to read them in order then book 1 is The Tiger Temple, book 2 is the Samurai Code and book 3 is the Condor Prophecy.  Book 4 is coming out in Spring 2018.

About the books

Tiger Temple

A betrayed criminal. A kidnapped child. A deadly race against time.

On the Island of the Gods, expedition leader Hiram Kane is on holiday after a long season guiding in the Peruvian Andes.

When a good friend’s greed leads him to betray Bali’s most notorious gangster, their peaceful community is left shell-shocked after the six-year-old daughter of its leader gets kidnapped in a vicious and violent raid.

What follows is a whirlwind race across the paradise island to rescue the girl before ‘The Rooster’ takes his sadistic revenge, and with the waking giant of volcanic Mt. Agung threatening to destroy them all, Kane risks everything to prevent a devastating tragedy.

The Tiger Temple is the exciting new starter to the Hiram Kane adventure series. For fans of Russell Blake and Clive Cussler, Steven Moore’s action thriller will leave you breathless. 

To delve into the globetrotting world of Hiram Kane, buy your copy of The Tiger Temple, today!



One lethal storm. One deadly criminal. One ancient code.

Expedition leader Hiram Kane is in Japan when the storm of the century hits. He joins the rescue mission as flash floods cause chaos, death and destruction.

Yakuza boss Katashi Goto is retiring from the mob. Before he does, there is one more thing to achieve: revenge over a centuries old enemy.

When their two very different worlds collide, Kane is forced to make a choice. He has always known honour is worth fighting for. When challenged by Katashi, he has to decide if it is also worth dying for.

The Samurai Code is the second installment of the Hiram Kane adventure series. For fans of Russell Blake and Clive Cussler, Steven Moore’s breakout action thriller will leave you breathless.

To delve into the globetrotting world of Hiram Kane, buy your copy of The Samurai Code, today!

Condor Prophecy

An uprising looms…
A revenge demanded by Inca Gods…
A prophecy must be fulfilled!

While on an expedition in the Andes to locate the lost Inca city of Vilcabamba, Hiram Kane’s team is infiltrated by not one but two different terrorist factions, each seeking the legendary Inca gold to fund nefarious strikes against their enemy.
Catholics against Incans.
The Eagle Alliance versus The Condor Uprising.
Hiram Kane must defeat them both.
The expedition soon devolves into the deadliest of treasure hunts, and amidst the wild Andean weather and lethal terrain, a dangerous race against time.

Win, and Hiram Kane can prevent a new holy war.
Lose, and the ancient prophecy will unleash catastrophic consequences the world over.

The Condor Prophecy is the third instalment of the rip-roaring Hiram Kane adventure series, and perfect for fans of fast-paced, international action thriller writers such as Clive Cussler, Russell Blake & Scott Mariani.
To dive into the breathtaking world of Hiram Kane, buy your copy of The Condor Prophecy TODAY!

My Reviews

To make things a bit confusing I am going to review them in the order they were released and the order I read them myself.

The first book published is the Samurai Code, which introduces us to Hiram Kane as whilst he is in Japan during a massive Tsunami, and then leads on to a brilliant adventure involving the Japanese Yakuza and a suit of ancient Samurai Armour.

The prologue in the book introduces us to the ancient world of the Samurai and how they lived and had honour even among defeat.

The book then jumps to present day where Hiram is introduced during the Tsunami as he goes and rescues people who have been caught up in it.  Hiram then moves on and the Tsunami follow him.

Eventually Hiram ends up on an island where there is a museum, which holds an ancient Samurai suit.

It is a this point we are introduced to some new characters, a Yakuza boss, Katashi Goto,  and his minions.  The Yakuza boss is looking to retire from the Yakuza and move into a monastery, but before he can do this he has to rightfully claim what is his, the Samurai Armour.

The action then kicks up a notch as Hiram tries to protect the armour and also the girl at the front desk of the museum from the Yakuza boss and his henchmen.

This is a nice short story, but full of action and keeps you wanting to read more all the time.

I also listened to this on Audio book, through Audible, and the narrator, Kenneth Bryant, brought the book to life really well.  I could really tell the differences between the characters and Hiram’s English accent as well as Katashi’s Japanese accent were both done really well.

The second book I read is The Condor Prophecy, which is now  book 3 in the series and follows Hiram as he is in Peru looking for the lost Incan city of Vilcabamba, which he knows is in the Andes mountains somewhere as he was given a map by his Grandad years before.

The Condor Prophecy starts off with Hiram and a group of explorers in the middle of the jungles in the Andes trying to find the ancient city when an earthquake hits forcing them to cancel the expedition.

The book then jumps to one year later where Hiram has a new group of explorers and is planning on a second expedition to find the lost city.

This adventure is a lot longer than the previous one, which means that Steve can put a lot more action and danger into it.

After the prologue the book does slow down a lot as we are introduced to all of the members of the expedition, but once they leave and are in the Andes the action soon picks up with lots of danger and intrigue as we are left guessing who can be trusted, and who will survive the trip.

I really enjoyed this one as we get to learn a lot more about Hiram and his past, including his younger brother who went missing under mysterious circumstances when they were boys.  We also learn a lot more about his Grandad and Great-Grandad who was the guide to Hiram Bingham when he discovered Machu Pitchu, and where Hiram got his name.  There is a brilliant bit at the end where we learn even more about his brother, which I am hoping is going to be carried through to the forth book in the series.

Again I have listened to the Audio book of this as well and Kenneth Bryant has narrated the book superbly, making it very obvious that there are different people talking by doing the different accents and male/female voices very well.  Considering Kenneth is American I feel that he got the accent of Hiram and the other English explorers down very well, although at times it was a bit difficult to distinguish between a couple of the male explorers if I wasn’t concentrating fully.

The third book I read was The Tiger Temple, which I am classing as a prequel as it is book 1 but was written and published after the other two.

Having read the first two books in the series, I knew I would love this one and knew it would be full of adventure.

The book is another shorter book and introduces us to Hiram as he is taking a well earned break in Bali, where he has met some old friends and is planning a nice relaxing time.  What he doesn’t realise is that one of his friend’s has upset the local Mafia boss, who takes revenge on him by kidnapping his niece right in front of them and then driving off into the Bali Jungle.

This book starts off very well and jumps straight into the action with Hiram and his friends riding motorbikes through the jungle trying to catch up with the kidnappers.

From there the book doesn’t slow down with the three of them trying to get her back before something bad happens to her. It is a brilliant read, which can be read as a standalone book if you haven’t read the other two yet.

I have just bought the audio version of this book so cannot comment on it fully, but what I have heard is brilliant as Kenneth has really got into the voice of Hiram and the other characters.

Overall I really enjoyed all three of these books and am waiting desperately to read the fourth in the series, which is due to be published in the Spring 2018.

To purchase the books and audio books click the links below

The Tiger Temple – bookAudio Book

The Samurai Code – Book, Audio Book

The Condor Prophecy – Book, Audio Book

To purchase all three books in one go then click here

About the Author

Steven Moore

Steven Moore grew up (apparently) by a beach in England. An avid (average) sportsman, painter, photographer and reader, those loves were only trumped by his love of travel and writing. To date he has visited 53 countries, and has lived and worked on five continents. Highlights include trekking in the Andes and Himalayas, scuba diving all over the world, teaching English in Korea, and eating anything and everything, wherever he happens to be. Oh yes, and sampling local beers, obviously. Steven now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with his wife, freelance journalist Leslie Patrick Moore, and though they’ve at last found a beautiful home base, the next adventure is always just around the corner. Steven has recently published the first three installments of his action thriller series, ‘The Tiger Temple’, ‘The Samurai Code’ and ‘The Condor Prophecy’, to great acclaim, and the fourth, ‘The Shadow of Kailash’, is coming in the spring of 2018


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  1. Ahh, I appreciate these kind words very much. Bringing Steve’s work to Life has been Amazing fun for me and I look forward to narrating the rest of the Hiram Kane Adventure series as well!

    Kenneth Bryant


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