#BookReview Lucky Ghost by Matthew Blakstad

I was asked if I could read and review Lucky Ghost by Matthew Blakstad, which was published by Hodder and Stoughton on the 27th July 2017.

lucky ghost


The extraordinary new novel from the incredible author of SOCKPUPPET. Perfect for fans of BLACK MIRROR

Early one morning, blogger Alex Kubelick walks up to a total stranger and slaps him across the face. Hard.

He smiles.

They’ve both just earned Emoticoin, in a new, all-consuming game that trades real-life emotions for digital currency. Emoticoin is changing the face of the economy – but someone or something is controlling it for their own, dangerous ends.

As Alex picks apart the tangled threads that hold the virtual game together she finds herself on the run from very real enemies. It seems only one person has the answers she seeks. Someone who hides behind the name ‘Lucky Ghost’.

But Lucky Ghost will only talk to a young hacker called Thimblerig – the online troll who’s been harassing Alex for months.

Will Lucky Ghost lead Alex and Thimblerig to the answers they seek – or to their deaths?

My Review

This is book 3 in Matthew’s Martingale Cycle series, but you don’t have to have read either of the other books to understand this one as it is technically a stand alone book but with some people from the first books appearing in this one.

The book starts off with a woman, Alex, being told to slap a man she has never met, and act in a Virtual Reality game where you gain points for doing various acts.

It then switches to a man/boy who goes by the name Thimblerig as he instigates a group of people with pig masks to trespass and protest against a building so he can hack into their servers for some information.

The story jumps straight into the action and it is a very fast moving book, with lots of action and intrigue throughout.

It is a very clever and thought-provoking book, which potentially could not be too far in the future with everyone’s fascination with technology and people currently walking around with so much technology in their hands to go into alternative worlds whilst they are out and about.

Overall this is a very unique and brilliant book which I give 5 stars to.

About the Author

Matthew Blakstad

Matthew writes pacy, character-driven fiction that explores the impact of technology on how we live and who we are. His first published story, Fallen Angel, a 100-page micro-thriller, came out in May 2016, followed by Sockpuppet, his first full-length novel. His second novel, Lucky Ghost, came out in July 2017. All three books are part of the Martingale Cycle, a series of standalone stories gravitating around a fictional computing pioneer and political radical called Elyse Martingale.

Matthew’s first career was as a professional child actor. From the age of ten, he had roles in TV dramas on the BBC and ITV, in films and at theatres including London’s Royal Court. After graduating from Oxford with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, he began a career in online communications. He now works in the public sector, helping people understand and manage money.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter at @mattblak or find out more at http://www.matthewblakstad.com.


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