#Bookreview Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson

This is a book and Audio book review for Carpet Diem… or How to Save the World by Accident, written by Justin Lee Anderson and the audio book is narrated by  Matthew Lloyd Davies.

The book was published 6th May 2016 by Wild Wolf Publishing and the Audio book was released 14th February 2017 by Tantor Audio.



Fifteen years after losing most of his family to a devastating, pudding-related tragedy, Simon Debovar has settled into a life of self-imposed exile from the stinking, selfish morass of humanity. Content that his daily highlights will include hazelnut coffee, a long bath and the occasional jar of olives, his life is completely upturned by the discovery that his ornate living room carpet is the deciding factor in a bet between God and Satan.

When mysteriously well-timed carpet thieves deprive him of the crucial heirloom, Simon is forced to leave his hermit’s existence behind for a world of angels, demons, witches and immortals.

And then it gets complicated.

My Review

This is a brilliantly funny book, which I loved so much I also bought the audio version so I can listen to it again in the car and when out and about.

The book is very similar in comedy and writing style with the great Terry Practhett and Tom Holt so if you like either of these then there is no reason why you won’t like Carpet Diem.

The story follows a recluse called Simon Debovar, who 15 years previous lost almost his entire family when they were having a party in a hotel, which Simon missed as there was an episode of Friends on TV which he wanted to watch.

The story then jumps to present day where Simon is living off his inheritance in a small terraced house, where the only visitors are pizza delivery people who leave the pizza in the hall for him so he doesn’t have to see or speak with them.

The story then gets exciting when two people ring his door bell and explain they are a demon and angel and the whole world depends on which of them he gives his rug to. As he sleeps on it the rug gets stolen and then the rest of the story consists of them trying to get it back.

During the story Simon meets a man who can read thoughts, and turns into a Faun for 12 hours of the day, more demons and angels, his horny aunt and a teleporter, all of whom help him, either directly or indirectly, along the way to make the story flow along at a hefty rate and preventing it from dragging and feeling slow.

The audio book is narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies, who reads the book brilliantly, and unlike some audiobooks I have listened to gets the characters voices perfect.  Through listening to Matthew narrating the story he brings it to life in a way that reading it doesn’t. This is the first story narrated by Matthew I have listened to and if the rest are of this calibre I will definitely keep an eye out for more done by him.
Overall this is a hilarious book, which everyone should read.

To purchase the book please click on these links:

Amazon UK Book – Currently £2.99 for Kindle or £9.99 for Paperback

Amazon USA

Audible – Currently only £3.49

If you purchase the book and Audible version then you can use Whispersync and can switch between the book and kindle version seamlessly.

*Prices correct as at 10/08/17

About the Author

Justin Lee Anderson

Born in Edinburgh, Justin spent a decade of his childhood bouncing around the US, following his dad’s professional football (soccer) career. He returned to the Scottish capital in his teens and, after a few brief sojourns to Dundee (for an English degree) and the South of France (for his family), settled back in the city that’s always been ‘home’.

In over 15 years of writing and editing for a living, he’s done everything from restaurant, theatre and comedy reviews to training manuals and magazines, including four years as the writer, editor and photographer for an Edinburgh guidebook. Currently working as a Content Editor, he lives with his Brady Bunch family in a permanent state of happy chaos.

He has the same initials as the Justice League of America, and his favourite writers are Neil Gaiman, Aaron Sorkin, Joe Abercrombie and Joss Whedon, in no particular order.

He misses Firefly.


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