Book Review – Calling Major Tom

This is a book review of Calling Major Tom by David Barnett, which I give 5 stars to.

E-Edition published 19th January by Trapeze

Paperback edition due to be published 29th June 2017 by Trapeze

Callling Major Tom


CALLING MAJOR TOM is a heart-warming and ultimately life-affirming story of a man who has given up on the world… but discovers in the most unlikely way that it might not have given up on him.

We all know someone like Thomas.

The grumpy next-door-neighbour who complains to the Residents’ Committee about the state of your front lawn. The man who tuts when you don’t have the correct change at the checkout. The colleague who sends an all-company email when you accidentally use the last drop of milk.

Thomas is very happy to be on his own, far away from other people and their problems.

But beneath his cranky exterior lies a story and a sadness that is familiar to us all. And he’s about to encounter a family who will change his view of the world.

My Review

I thought this was an absolutely brilliant read. The story follows Thomas Major who unwittingly ends up on a one way trip to Mars and a family who he phones back on earth by mistake. I was hooked from the beginning and loved how the book flowed going into the past and returning to the present. I thought it was very well written and the author really made me believe the story.

It starts off with Thomas Major working for the British Space Agency as a chemist, but is showcased as an astronaut when the real astronaut dies just before being announced to the press so Tom takes his place and is sent to Mars.

The story then follows Tom as he is preparing to leave, and also when he is in the capsule and tries to phone his ex-girlfriend but accidentally phones a family called the Ormerods, who consist of two young children – Ellie and James, plus their grandmother called Gladys, who has dementia.  I really felt for both Tom and the family as they all progressed through the story with different dilemmas and issues to face and overcome.

The story flowed really well and it was a definite page turner for me.

To buy the book please go to the following links

Amazon UK

Book Depository – Paperback version


About the Author

David Barnett

David Barnett is an award-winning journalist and author based in West Yorkshire. He was born in Wigan, Lancashire, in 1970 and has worked in regional newspapers since 1989. He is the author of the Gideon Smith alternate history series from Tor Books, beginning in 2013 with Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl. David is also the author of Hinterland (2005, reprinted 2008), Angelglass (2007) and The Janus House and Other Two-Faced Tales (2009), all published by Immanion Press, as well as popCULT!, published in 2011 from Pendragon Press. His work has been translated into Czech, Russian and German. He is represented by the literary agent John Jarrold. David is married to Claire, also an award-winning journalist, and they have two children, Charlie and Alice.

Please go to his Blog for more information about what David is currently working on.





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