#BookReview – The Samurai Code: A Hiram Kane Adventure

This is a book review of The Samurai Code: A Hiram Kane adventure by Steven Moore, which I gave 5 stars to.

Published March 15th 2017 by Condor Publishing



One lethal storm. One deadly criminal. One ancient code.

Expedition leader Hiram Kane is in Japan when the storm of the century hits. He joins the rescue mission as flash floods cause chaos, death and destruction.

Yakuza boss Katashi Goto is retiring from the mob. Before he does, there is one more thing to achieve: revenge over a centuries old enemy.

When their two very different worlds collide, Kane is forced to make a choice. He has always known honour is worth fighting for. When challenged by Katashi, he has to decide if it is also worth dying for.

The Samurai Code is the first installment of the Hiram Kane adventure series. For fans of Russell Blake and Clive Cussler, Steven Moore’s breakout action thriller will leave you breathless.

My Review

I enjoyed this book a lot. The story follows harim kane on his adventures in Japan where he battles a storm before moving onto meeting a yakuza boss. it is a nice short read, but long enough to be full of action and adventure. I would recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series

The story starts off with a bang, when a tsunami hits the island where Hiram Kane is staying and instead of running away he stays and helps the victims.

After this he moves on and more trouble follows him.  He gets dragged into an ancient war of the Samurai when a direct descendant of a Samurai Warrior tries to reclaim his armour and a battle ensues.

Overall this is a brilliant book, which i can’t recommend highly enough.  I can’t wait to read the next in the series

To buy the book please go to the following links

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

About the Author

Steven is the author of the literary fiction novel, I Have Lived Today. As of now, his wonderful coming of age story, described by one reader as “…a Dickensian-like quest,” has over 150, ‘5-star’ reviews across all Amazon stores

Steven was born in 1974, and grew up in Lowestoft, England. An avid sportsman, painter and reader, those loves were only trumped by his love of travel, and to date he has visited 53 countries and lived and worked on five continents.

Steven splits his time between San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the rest of the world, seeking adventure and inspiration at every turn.

Steven has been writing about his travels and adventures on his blog, ‘Twenty First Century Nomad,’ but his novel, ‘I Have Lived Today,’ was his debut novel, released to widespread acclaim.

Current projects include a 5 book action/adventure thriller series in the ilk of Indiana Jones and Russell Blake. The first installment, ‘The Samurai Code’, is now available to buy or for free download.

To find out more about Steven and to sign up to his newsletter please visit his website



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