#BookReview Greyworld 1: The Anomaly

This is a Book Review for Nhys Glover’s book Greyworld 1: The Anomaly, which I give 5 stars to

Published February 13th 2016 by Belisama Press


Don’t believe what they tell you in movies and on TV; ghosts don’t haunt people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s no such thing as ghosts, I’m just saying they don’t haunt living people – because basically they don’t know we’re here.
How do I know that? Because I can see them. I have since I was a little kid. But I didn’t have a grandmother who taught me how to help people move on, or Bruce Willis as my ghost shrink. Nope, I just got to stand around like a zombie staring at people nobody else could see, wondering if it was me or the rest of the world who was crazy.
Then, just when I’d worked out what my version of ‘normal’ was, and was content with it, Jake came along – the anomaly – the Grey who didn’t play by the rules. What was worse, he couldn’t be just any old Grey, could he? Oh no, he had to be the most gorgeous guy I’d ever laid eyes on, living or dead. And he was set on rocking my world, whether I liked it or not.

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it was very hard to put down. It is very well written and I would recommend it to everyone. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series. The story follows two people and the way it switches between them and gives their inner thoughts is done extremely well. The two main characters are Beth, who sees ghosts (or Greys) and has been seeing them her whole life, and Jake who she sees as a Grey.

The story starts of by following Beth and gives a really in depth back story to her, which makes the book that much more believable .  In the past she has been diagnosed schizophrenic due to her telling people about the Greys which only she can see, and who also can’t see each other.  The story then switches between Beth and Jake for the rest of the story once they meet and both of them believe they are real and the other person is the Grey.

The book kept me guessing all the way through as to which world was the real world as there were so many twists throughout the book.

To buy the book please click the links below

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

About the Author

Nhys is an Australian teacher/trainer, historian,international presenter, life coach and, oh yeah… the author of more than a dozen novels, most of which are sensual romances (some more sizzling than others)in the sub-genres she loves to read herself – Time Travel, SF/Fantasy, Historical, and paranormal.

History has always been her passion (although trying to pass that passion onto High School students kind of took the shine off it for a lot of years) and there are places and times she is constantly drawn back to in her writing. Ancient Rome, Victorian England and World War Two figure strongly in her books and she takes pride in researching them in detail.

Although Nhys has been a writer since she could hold a pencil to paper, it has only been since the Indie Revolution and ebooks that she’s made the effort to get her writing out of the bottom draw and into the hands of readers. When her historical novel ‘The Barbarian’s Mistress’ was downloaded 16,500 times over 5 days in February 2013 she knew that writing was about to go from part-time passion to full-time obsession.

A world traveller and rolling stone most of her life, Nhys now lives and writes full-time in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales of England. She considers it her Soul’s true home and has no desire to roll any further, although she’ll always consider herself an Aussie, (and can’t ditch the accent even after 7 years!)

She has one son who is studying Fine Art Photography at Newcastle University in Australia.

Nhys is also a breast cancer survivor, the experience of which she drew on for her ghost story, ‘The Way Home’. The effects of losing her breasts was also explored in ‘Lionslayer’s Woman’. While remaining light romantic fiction, Nhys explores important issues that affect modern women. Her books are designed to entertain, inspire and provide food for thought. These, she believes, are all important to her target audience – mature, (a woman can be mature at 16. Maturity is a state of mind, a depth and breadth of perception, and wisdom,) intelligent and unconventional women.

Please visit Nhys’ Website  to find out more about her other books:




One thought on “#BookReview Greyworld 1: The Anomaly

  1. This sounds an intriguing idea for a paranormal novel. I write paranormal thrillers myself and so I have a special interest. However, as to the queston of whether ghosts haunt living people or not, I can think of one literary ghost who certainly did: Susan Hill’s Woman in Black!


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