About me and my blog

Welcome to my new blog.


Within the blog I will be reviewing all the books I have read and will be reading, along with joining in on #blogtours and, hopefully, author Q & A’s and promotions and competitions.


I have started this blog as I love reading and have always reviewed the books I read on Amazon. Since joining a couple of book clubs on Facebook (including TBConFB) I have come to realise that authors are not all rich people who have endless promotional budgets to get everyone to read their books and rely a lot on reviews and free publicity from their fans and existing readers.  With this in mind I also now review all the books I read on Goodreads and share my reviews on Facebook, not only my page but also on book club pages as well if I have enjoyed the book.


I will be using this blog to keep a list of all the books I have read over the year, so far this year, according to Goodreads, I have read 37 books, with my original aim being 52.  Due to this I have a lot of reviews, which need to go on here, which I will being adding slowly over the next couple of weeks, and then when this is complete I will also add new reviews of books I read once finished.


Apart from buying books I also receive books, including ARCs from Netgalley, Bloodhound Books, requests from authors/publishers direct and from the Book Club on Facebook reviewer request page.  I try to read books I am sent in order, but if a book as a deadline, either for when it is published or promoted through a blog tour etc it will take priority.


One thought on “About me and my blog

  1. Hi Simon. I’ve very new to publishing! My first novel is due to be published on August 9th by Tirgearr. I’m being hopeful that some reviewers may be interested in looking at it. I’m not sure if the genre is right for you – contemporary women’s fiction. However have an intriguing and fascinating website, good luck with it.


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